About us

A community hub located in Brisbane’s south west.

The Hub Neighbourhood Centre Inala is a local hub that serves as:

  • A hub of community activities
  • A place to access support and information
  • A meeting space for community groups
  • A local site for visiting agencies to meet with members of our community


The centre provides a range of services and activities that:

  • Create opportunities to meet and connect with others in a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment
  • Allow people to learn new skills
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Provide opportunities for community members to participate in community life


The Hub Neighbourhood Centre works in partnership with community members, other service providers, and local and state governments to ensure we remain responsive and relevant to local community needs and build a stronger community.  

Drop in for a coffee and chat to find out more.


The Hub Neighbourhood Centre Inala falls under the umbrella of South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre Inc.

Our Vision

To be a force for social justice and community connection.

Our Mission

We promote a society where all people are valued and supported by providing access to justice, community connectedness and social inclusion.

Our Purpose

Empowering our community to achieve a just, equitable and inclusive society.

Our Values

  • Ethical:  We are committed to ethical practice, accountability, and professionalism.
  • Respectful:  We respect individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, approaches and ideas.
  • Inclusive:  We encourage, empower, and support community participation.
  • Collaborative:  We work in partnership with people and other organisations to benefit the community.