What we do

Information, Advice and Referral

Information, advice and referral services are provided to:

  • Increase awareness of social issues that affect our community
  • Provide information and resources on local services
  • Assist community members in making informed decisions about services
  • Assist community members in connecting to the services and support they need


Activities for Social Connectedness & Wellbeing


Activities for social connectedness and wellbeing are provided to:

  • Give community members opportunities to participate in community life
  • Relieve isolation and build a sense of belonging,
  • Allow fair and equitable access to a range of activities and services for all people, with a focus on vulnerable individuals and families
  • Allow for community members to join in at any level through attending activities at the centre or volunteering in the decision making, evaluation, and provision of activities.



The Hub Neighbourhood Centre Inala is funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety, and Disability Services.

The centre also receives funding for programs and activities from a diverse range of sources, including Brisbane City Council, other grant programs, and community donations.